Team Award for Excellence

The Team Award for Excellence recognizes faculty members and staff who, working together as a team, have made a significant contribution in teaching, research, or extension.

The Award

Each year the college presents one Team Award for Excellence to recognize outstanding contributions uniquely accomplished through a team effort. The award includes an unrestricted $6,000 gift to the team and individual certificates of recognition.


A team must be comprised of at least three faculty members and/or staff engaged in a program that furthers the mission of the college. Meritorious impact within the last three years is essential. The program may identify with teaching, research, extension, or some combination thereof. Ideally, the team will be represented cross-departmentally, with overlapping accomplishments in teaching, research, and extension.

A specific team is eligible to receive the team award once every three years. An individual team award nominee may be considered eligible for other awards in the same year. If an issue arises concerning the eligibility for an award, the issue will be decided by the appropriate associate dean and policy committee chair, depending upon the award for which the nomination has been made.


The team must be declared eligible by the unit head. Each department may only nominate one team for the award. All team members must be included in the original nomination. The nomination must be submitted electronically by the department contact before the nomination deadline.

Nomination packets must include all materials described below in a single PDF and should be formatted in at least 11-point Calibri or equivalent font; single-spaced; and 1-inch margins. Please follow this outline when submitting a nomination: 

1. Nomination cover sheet(you must download the form from Box to complete it).

2. Letter of nomination: The letter of nomination must be co-signed by the nominator and the unit head(s). The letter should include a program summary that frames the issue, describes the team’s efforts, and states the significant impact(s) of the program within the last three years. Contributions of team members and evidence of team collaboration must be articulated. Contributions to unit and college goals of diversity, equity and inclusion should be noted (six page maximum).

3. Biographical and statistical information summary: Biographical and statistical information for each team member, including personal information, education, employment record, relevant affiliations, and awards and achievements that relate most closely to the project (one page per team member)

4. Letters of support: No more than four letters of support from individuals other than the nominator, such as past or present colleagues or collaborators. One letter must be from a current ACES faculty/staff member (two page maximum).


Nominees will be evaluated, and the award recipient will be selected by a selection committee from the college faculty and staff. The chair of the selection committee, in consultation with its members, shall develop guidelines for the committee’s operation.

The selection committee may decide against granting an award if no meritorious team has been nominated. The selection committee shall submit its recommendations for a recipient to the dean. The dean shall notify the recipient, the appropriate associate dean, and unit head.