Are specialized faculty eligible for the Faculty Award for Excellence?
Yes, a faculty member in either a tenure track or tenured position, or specialized faculty who holds at least a 50-percent paid appointment in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences for at least four consecutive years at the time of nomination is eligible.

Can the Team Award for Excellence include academic professionals?

Can someone be nominated for a Team Award and another individual award in the same year?

If an individual has received the Paul A. Funk award in the past, is he/she eligible to receive any other award?
Yes, they can be nominated for the Spitze Award and/or the Team Award.

If an individual has received a Spitze Award in the past, can he/she be nominated for a Funk Award?
No, that is why it is strongly suggested that an individual receive a Funk award before being nominated for a Spitze Award.

Nominations/Nomination Form

Can a retiree nominate someone for a Funk Award?
Yes, as a co-nominator. There can be more than one nominator but the main nominator needs to be a current employee to ensure we can contact them successfully in case of questions.

In which format should supporting documents be uploaded?
Nomination packets must include all materials described below in a single PDF and should be formatted in at least 11-point Calibri or equivalent font; single-spaced; and 1-inch margins.

Are there certain format requirements for the Biographical and Statistical Information Summary?
Yes. There is a fillable cover sheet template for biographical and statistical information.

Are there certain format requirements for letters of support?
Yes. Letters of support should be no longer than two pages.

How many letters of support are needed when nominating a faculty member for the College Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, or Extension?
No more than 3 letters or supporting documents, excluding one from the person or persons making the nomination.