Professional Staff Award for Excellence

The Professional Staff Award for Excellence recognizes outstanding performance and demonstrated professional excellence by members of the professional staff of the college. The award for Innovation and Creativity recognizes a special initiative; awards Advising, Teaching and Outreach; Research; and Administration/Management or Technical contributions are presented for exceptionally outstanding and meritorious work over an extended period.

The Award

Each year the College presents four individual Professional Staff Award for Excellence in each of the following categories: Innovation and Creativity; Advising, Teaching and Outreach; Research, and Administration/Management or Technical Contributions. Each award includes a recurring salary increment of $500 and a certificate of recognition.


Nominees for the Professional Staff Awards must be academic professional or civil service professional personnel who has held a full-time appointment with the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences for at least three consecutive years.

Individuals on disability, sabbatical leave, and leave without pay are not eligible during leave; however, these leaves are not considered interruptions of service time for subsequent years.

Staff may receive each award only once. If an issue arises concerning the eligibility for an award, the issue will be decided by the appropriate associate dean and policy committee chair, depending upon the award for which the nomination has been made.


The nominee must be declared eligible by the unit head. Each department may only nominate one nominee per award. The nomination must be submitted electronically by the department contact before the nomination deadline. 

Nomination packets must include all materials described below in a single PDF and should be formatted in at least 11-point Calibri or equivalent font; single-spaced; and 1-inch margins. Please follow this outline when submitting a nomination: 

1. Nomination cover sheet: (you must download the form from Box to complete it). The cover sheet includes biographical and statistical information including education, employment record, and relevant affiliations. 

2. Letter of nomination: The letter of nomination must be co-signed by the nominator and the unit head. The letter should include major contributions detailing how the nominees work advance teaching, advising, research, and/or service missions and explain the work’s impact in the following areas: 1) personal contributions to others including faculty, staff, students, and members of the public and an explanation of the way in which the nominee meets the special demands of his or her workplace and 2) professional contributions, including recognition received, conference presentations, publications, participation in professional societies, and committee work. Please use a category heading for each of the contribution areas. In addition, there should be a discussion of the nominee’s impact at the regional, national, or international level, if applicable. Contributions to the unit and college goals of diversity, equity and inclusion goals should be noted as applicable (six page maximum).

3.  Letters of support: No more than three letters of support from individuals other than the nominator, such as past or present colleagues, collaborators. One letter must be from a current ACES faculty/staff member (two page maximum).


Nominees will be evaluated, and the award recipient will be selected by a selection committee. The chair of the selection committee, in consultation with its members, shall develop guidelines for the committee’s operation. The selection committee will consider the nominee’s achievement and total performance in support of the college or any of its units.

The selection committee may decide against granting an award if no meritorious candidate has been nominated. The selection committee shall submit its recommendations for a recipient to the dean. The dean shall notify the recipient, the appropriate associate dean and unit head.