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College of ACES and Paul A. Funk Awards

The Paul A. Funk Recognition Award

The Paul A. Funk Recognition Award is presented to faculty and academic professionals for outstanding achievement and major contributions to the betterment of agriculture, natural resources, and human systems. Funds for the awards program, which was established in June 1970, are provided by the Paul A. Funk Foundation of Bloomington, Illinois, as a memorial to the late Paul A. Funk, who attended the college as a member of the class of 1929 and devoted his life to agriculture.

The Award

Each year the college presents Paul A. Funk Recognition Awards to individuals; each award includes a $5,000 unrestricted personal award, $1,000 to the appropriate department or other administrative unit to support the recipient's program, a recurring salary increment of $1,000, and a recognition plaque.


A nominee may be a member of the faculty or any academic professional who holds a full-time appointment with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; has a paid appointment in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences for the current academic year; and has 10 years of consecutive service prior to the nomination. Note that members of the faculty who are full-time administrators are not eligible for the award. Individuals on sabbatical leave, disability leave, or leave without pay are not eligible during leave; however, these leaves are not considered interruptions of service time for subsequent years.

The unit head must verify the nominee's eligibility. If an issue arises concerning eligibility, the College Executive Committee will decide the issue. A person may receive a Paul A. Funk Recognition Award only once, and thereafter is ineligible to win any college award other than the Spitze Land-Grant Professorial Career Excellence Award and the Team Award.


The nominee must be declared eligible by the unit head. The nomination form must be submitted electronically, and printed, signed by the unit head, and submitted to the secretary of the Executive Committee (227 Mumford Hall).

Supporting materials must be submitted online. Instructions for uploading files are on the awards website. All documents must be in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins and include the following:

  • Biographical and statistical information summary: Should include personal information, education, employment record, and relevant affiliations. For faculty, include percent of appointment in teaching, research, and extension for the last 10 years. Also list a count, by category, of professional publications (books, chapters in books, bulletins or technical reports, book reviews, professional articles, circulars, and popular articles). (One single-spaced 8.5" by 11" page maximum.) Publications list similar to that normally submitted with a professional vita. (No page limit, single-spaced.)
  • Major contributions: List major contributions (significant extension projects initiated, key research findings, outstanding teaching, etc.) and briefly describe their significance and career contributions. Give an overall evaluation of what the career contributions of the nominee have meant to producers, students, agribusiness, and consumers in Illinois, the nation, and the world. (Eight 8.5" by 11" double-spaced pages maximum.)
  • Letters of support: Letters should consist of no more than four letters or supporting statements, excluding one from the person or persons making the nomination. Supporting materials that deviate from these guidelines will be returned to the unit for revision.


The number of awards made annually may vary, but will not be more than five.

Nominees will be evaluated and award recipients selected by a seven-person committee appointed from the college faculty. The chair of the selection committee, in consultation with its members, shall develop guidelines for its operation. The selection committee will consider the nominee's achievement and total performance through excellence in teaching, research, or extension. The selection committee will submit its recommendation for no more than five recipients, plus one alternate, to the dean. After ascertaining that the selection procedures used meet the guidelines established by the Executive Committee, and that the nominations satisfy the qualifications set forth in the original Paul A. Funk Recognition Program agreement, the dean will notify the recipients, the department heads of the recipients, and the secretary of the Executive Committee.

Any hard copies of the supporting materials made during the selection process must be returned to the dean's office by the chair of the selection committee once the committee's deliberations are completed.